Walking Gravina and Alta Murgia Park


  • Availability: every day
  • Minimum booking: two people
  • Children 0-5 years: free tour
  • Accessibility: not suitable
  • Audio guide: included
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  • Difficulty: easy
Bambini 0-5
Ragazzi 6-12
Adolescenti 13-17

Don’t think twice and come and live a unique experience based on history, nature and legends.

The tour will begin with a visit to the church of Santa Maria degli Angeli, a typical example of Greek Orthodox rite rock architecture, obtained in the steep part of the Gravina, probably built between 700 and 800 but only discovered in the 1950s following the renovation of via Fontana la Stella. You must know that this church was originally known with the name of Santa Maria delle Tombe, due to the tombs present in both the internal and external part of the church. Furthermore, this is the only rock church to have preserved, in the central nave, the altar used during liturgical functions for the distribution of the Eucharist, called “ara”.

From here, you will travel the Aqueduct Bridge, located on the ravine of the stream, at the junction of the new city to the old one, several times the protagonist of important film sets, as in the 007 film “No Time to Die”, “Tolo Tolo” by Checco Zalone, “Pinocchio” by Garrone , “The last paradise” by Scamarcio, “Il Capitano Maria”, “Maria Magdalena” and others.

Connected to the Aqueduct Bridge, thanks to the last remaining tower of the sixteenth-century walls, there is the so-called “Medieval Bastion”, which represented not only a means of defense, but also a meeting place for many people from Gravina, given the opportunity to stock up on water and maybe exchange a few words. In fact, you must know that the ramparts were defensive elements built around the 15th century and were intended to protect the “curtains”, that is the stretches of straight walls most exposed to enemy attacks. Crossing the Bastion you can enjoy the suggestive view of the archaeological area of Petramagna and the countless caves that characterize the landscape of the opposite side of the Canyon.

You will continue the excursion by discovering the Alta Murgia National Park, the most fascinating karst hinterland of all of Puglia, through one of its most famous paths: the one that crosses the Scoparello Wood in the countryside of Ruvo di Puglia and touches the Jazzo del Demonio with its paralupi stones and its dark legend. It is said, in fact, that one night two shepherds, due to a heavy rain, improvised a shelter in which to take shelter and while they were warming themselves around the fire, their dogs began to bark insistently, when suddenly everything was silent in a disturbing silence. Someone knocked on the door, breaking the silence. He was a man who seemed to have lost his way, so the two shepherds made him sit around the fire, but suddenly they noticed the hairy clogs that the man had and ran to hide under an iron crucifix. The devil looked at them and disappeared into the night. The following morning the shepherds went to the flock and the dogs that, strangely, had survived that encounter.


  • Duration: 3 h
  • Minimum booking: two people
  • Difficulty level: Easy hiking
  • Accessibility: Not suitable for people with walking difficulties
  • It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes and suitable clothing
  • Free tour for children up to 5 years
  • 50% reduction for children 6-12 years
  • 30% reduction for teenagers 13-17 years
  • Weekend bookings: 10% surcharge
  • Pets Allowed
  • Show up 10 minutes before the starting time of the booked tour
  • The itineraries and the duration of the excursions may undergo changes, be canceled, or postponed in case of adverse weather conditions
  • The meeting point is fixed at the IAT office in Gravina ( Maps )


  • Professional smartphone audio guide for Gravina

Not included:

  • Entrance ticket to tourist sites
  • Tourist guide

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  • Compulsory mask
  • The number of visitors allowed is limited in order to avoid crowds

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  • You can cancel your reservation without cost up to 48 hours before the activity

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